DJ02: Anew

No two snowflakes are alike, so are the days of our life.

Each struggle is real yet it is what is real made us into something more than we are yesterday..

Here is my poetry on today’s take….

In foreign languages my heart started to speak, 
My brain building patience instead of heading to sleep. 
Graces bestowed upon faces in smiles to greet, 
Embroidery by wind, 
These messages I read. 

I took on challenges that set me behind each lead, 
Trembling masked behind laughters, 
I made my ways in all heats. 
Blinded in mazes and quests, 
Unaware of a compass sitting in all deeds. 

Lightings strikes; a sign that indicates doors for letting go. 
Thunders roaring sending off affliction untold. 
Known details buried only meant for those re-told. 
I stood up, 
Sending one last nod, 
It is time for me to go. ©Destiny92712