DJ05: The Path that I shall Make

12th January 2019
Penned 12th January 2019

Aura decoding messages from senses, 
Gut feelings detecting from different fences. 
Comfort spells by gentleness in yellows and greens, 
Nature is the magical wand to cast away all madness. 

Thoughts exchanging with each breath, 
Guess which card I am in that pack. 
Destiny shaped with hidden rolling dices in my hand, 
Journey is the stops and places to where I will land. 

Intuition signalling it is best to wait. 
I am hearing callings in speed of different rates. 
Skills I acquired at different grades, 
Time to make their display, 
I am busy with preparation as I wait. ©Destiny92712 

Be it is a way of less people made in their journey, I shall fear not for it is the path that I am comfortable in. ©Destiny92712

Here is a vision of my Path..