DJ08: Doubting

12th January 2019
Penned 12th January 2019

All of us have doubts, 
Many claim it is due to uncertainty, 
While some feels it is due to the insecurity, 
Justifications to doubting is never ending. 

All of us are certain that doubting isn't necessary. 
It arose misunderstandings and is demoralising, 
Causing courage to went missing, 
Shaping lies to gain accessibility. 

Fair amount of doubts is essential in helping, 
Crafting bravery to ensuring. 
That fair share of doubts brings on intuition displaying warnings, 
If only you can see the possibilities. 

Endless assurance is a lullaby to doubting, 
Solitary is their corridor to make peace. 
Chances are not many are seeing, 
Patience is required as all of us has different ways of perceiving. ©Destiny92712 

Will you admit to your doubts to make peace, and restore the positive energy you once had? ©️Destiny92712