DJ07: Music before I Sleep

Echoes from moving fans, 
Melodies playing in the air with opened cans. 
Unanswered questions are still ringing in my head, 
Well aware that time is making its own fate. 

By the window side I sit, 
I know those cases that my heart has learnt to preach. 
I come face-to-face with those playing hide-and-seek, 
Hovering in corners, 
Paying attention to their speech. 

Each scene I watched, 
Observing all rhythm and beats. 
My heart is inspired, 
Composing a new piece of music, 
Before I sleep. ©Destiny92712 

There is always a piece of tune that is the lullaby to both heart and soul. Create yours. 😊😊😏🙏🏻