DJ11: Liquid of Hopes

Fingers on the switch button, 
I fought hard for lights to resume. 
My body turned too heavy with mist eyes, 
It seems that my blood was consumed. 

Half the time feelings and actions collide, 
Giving birth to paths for dreams that's beyond my sight. 
I tried various ways to follow what many had said to walk through from the outside, 
I didn't know it doesn't work for me from the inside. 

In peacefulness I close my eyes, 
Allowing tears to shed all afflictions felt with all my might. 
Slightest movement of tears in brilliance witnessing all ugly bribes, 
My pride saved me in those fights. 

The only persona I have yet to forgive is myself.
From the moment I realised I allowed myself to be victimised. 
Unknown to those series of betrayal are phenomenal fire
for my rebirth in spectral delights, 
Tears from heaven filling in my veins, 
Yes, the sacrificed blood is the destined journeys of 
progression to and in life.©Destiny92712 

Water is needed in our daily life, and Tears is the water in life of Healing. ©️Destiny92712