DJ10: Rescue Team

Through hands of nature especially the greens, 
Meals and energy they become just as what shaped a school canteen. 
Along with rainbows; colours to express love, 
They turned themselves into our unsaid speech. 

God prompts people to see our needs, 
To be available for rescue anytime we need. 
Angels without winds we become, 
Turning our heart to be merciful before we speak. 

Stuck at the side of a dark road, 
We were challenged on our own beliefs, 
Fiercest storms don't last yet 
we always forgot to believe. 

Roles in and of nature are transmitting us into vaccines, 
Little steps signalling us often went unseen. 
Blind eyes and deaf ears many often give, 
Do you not know that all of us are parts of the Holy Rescue Team, 
or simply you prefer to be unwilling?©Destiny92712 

We are programmed to receive; a device that saves and to be saved. ©️Destiny92712