DJ13: Meant to be the Switch

Held hands breaking free, 
Unspoken left to send in dreams. 
Each flying balloon has their own destiny, 
Barely a few cross the ocean and fly past seas. 

My hands are trying to reach, 
I may be injured but still each day I will make my steps despite hitch. 
In a maze only a handful I will meet, 
Among us the afflicted, we will take turns to lead. 

No one is useless even if reported as glitch, 
In nature there is always an update to be fixed. 
Recovery I am making with rediscovering my niche, 
Writing scripts and untold stories, as well as inspirational poetry 
about what life itself said and preached, 
Reuniting the mission and purpose in my given life to create 
a beautiful colour switch.©Destiny92712 

Rather the currents, the turning points in life are meant to be the switch. ©️Destiny92712