DJ12: Ups and Downs

Neither in the name of Love I seek, 
Nor in the name of Hope I stick. 
But in dignity of Love I pray and 
In the wonders of Hope I placed my eggs to make hay. 

Staying humble is my principle, 
My ears I lent to many people. 
Inspiration I penned in different colours of paper, 
Helping hands I will provide to those who are facing mental-killers. 

In all things and individual, 
I have learnt the secret to be invisible. 
To be hungry and to be filled, 
To be in need so as to fulfil. 

Colourless droplets from eyes are never a disgrace, 
They are the tastes for all hearts to brace. 
Our presence taking turns to be in higher or lower place, 
May our heart reaches out to those struggling to find their place; 
All the struggles shall be overcome with just a little more given space.©Destiny92712 

With a little space made or given, let us allowed ourselves to be strengthened. ©️Destiny92712