DJ14: At the Mall

Smiles highlighted by the warm orange, 
Ears greeted by different melodies. 
Vague contents from dreams last night went missing, 
Vivid emotions are left alone as I took my usual seat. 

A cup of hot black coffee sits next to my reach, 
I thank God for all beautifulness that I get to meet. 
Lonesomeness is what they believe I am having, 
Oh well, I no longer hide with a planned speech. 

It was a little tough yesterday, 
I couldn't find what I thought I saw in my tray, 
I know my speed differs to many in daily plays, 
Unworthiness appears and put me to sit at bay. 

I kept trying to keep up the pace, 
Even though no one witnesses what's different in time of space. 
Smiles and laughter started to show me my way, 
Intuition returns to the driver seat, 
I don't have to keep myself on an uncomfortable expressway.©Destiny92712