DJ15: Home; Wisdom and Knowledge

Negative desires burn fuel, 
Deny them if you want your heart to truly feel, 
Our heart is the home to free will, 
Keeping spirits of positive safe and resistant to be cloned. 

Wisdom is the bricks and stones, 
Understanding is the key to establish each home. 
Areas in different rooms is deem by knowledge gained, 
Precious and pleasant riches comes in each practice so as 
our holy home goes not in vain. 

The wise is full of strength, 
The learning is enhanced and increased in might and length. 
Love and Hopes then breed hand-in-hand, 
Colours of peacefulness fights away desires in gangs. 

Walk now and live life, 
To collect bricks and throw away knives. 
Knowledge comes in learning and embracing life, 
Wisdom comes in living and loving life, 
It is now time to build home that is meant for the spirit of Life.©Destiny92712