DJ16: My New Set of Medications

Another series of pair lasting seven days, 
The diagnosis left me with dropped jaws and big eyes in daze. 
My hands was held in warmth by physician on that day, 
She told me it is time I need to know what's at bay. 

Awkwardly I tried to shy away, 
Keeping my composure I smiled and nodded my head. 
I admit I have to carry on just as I promised and reminded myself every single day, 
What I was not anticipating was someone I barely know told me gently to my face. 

I knew my condition two years ago, 
Many probably guessed I was fighting alone.
No one knew though how or why I chose the solitude path to roam,
To come clean, I was actually trying to freeze time in my space alone; 
Afraid to lose memories thus I need to have formal goodbyes with them on my own. 

I took my own bitter time; making everyone believing that it was my own sweet time. 
I used all energy and strength to kill all damaged primes, 
Taking all tires, 
Without a given map, 
I am now starting to draw one that I shall name it just my (mine).©Destiny92712 

Written this piece to admit what’s inside me and where I’ve been as I’m on this new medication for a week to see my body’s reaction.