DJ18: To Find Me; Myself

Created for an identity, 
Faith is my spiritual clothing. 
Trials in each day are as DNA testing, 
To strengthen my sense of belonging. 

Family is not just about having same blood flowing, 
It deprived from learning the same language. 
Individual station has their own timing, 
Various frequency are required to be learnt so as to tune in. 

In pairs, flocks or packs, is meant to practice unity, 
Boiling back to our created identity. 
There is just one and only, 
At times, it is okay to feel empty. 

Writing; to be an author is my dream, 
It keeps my blood flowing; sending my heart to sing merrily.
God's patience taught me to look at others with understanding, 
It was myself; I never gave myself that understanding. 

You, who stumble upon my this piece of writing, 
May you fall not into he same trial as me. 
to grant and look at yourself with that lovely understanding.©Destiny92712