JD25: Set it All Free

Walk away slowly, 
Away from anything that destroys peace. 
Turn away steadily, 
Away from doubting our instinct. 

Run away carfully, 
Mastering self-protection and discipline. 
Hide away safely, 
Be not trapped by lies that cut away our faithful love into tiny piece.

Listen carefully for healing, 
Listen not to anything that can be deceiving. 
Return not to those lakes with signs that say ‘No Fishing’, 
Allow nothing to destroy whatever you are protecting. 

Give no chance when choices are calling, 
There is always an unseen clock that does all the tracking. 
This clock can turn affliction into history, 

As long as we allow ourselves to let go, 
Making spaces for mission bells to reside in, 
Return not to where betrayal is fond of staying.