JD28: Pizza Hut Restaurant

Signatures or the usual favourites, 
All minds are ready to make their pinks. 
Alone or in pair and even more, 
Most people will take their usual seats.

Devices replaced interaction, 
Pros and cons weighted for the best intention. 
Convenience appears to be the best of interest, 
However, there is still room for improvement. 

It is an era where artificial intelligence is replacing humans, 
A time to test how many will still do tasks with motivation. 

It is a period to conclude so as to make changes for better achievements, 
A phrase to learn or deepen what we have for further improvements. 

I placed my usual order just as before, 
I then started to observe what’s on the walls. 
Perhaps no one really notice what’s on them before, 
But I did, and I know, 
Less is the new ‘More’.