JD29: Hiding; Game

One last look at most photos, 
Time to remove even if there are stories left untold. 
Explanation in many were in grey zone. 
Hiding seemed forever; ringing on phones. 

God knows the number of participants, 
All reasons were simply instruments, 
To make smoothing music to ears, 
In a masquerade party playing scenes from Shakespeare’s. 

Harmless is always the reason for beginning, 
Making beliefs that no one else will be in pain. 
Justifying all details; using the name of love vain, 
Denying that there is always a price to pay, down in every lane. 

Setting myself free to embrace love again, 
I would rather be in script than in such game. 

Picking my own roles and cards to rein, 
I would rather be in front of cameras and under the spotlights than, 
Standing under thundery rain.