JD31: The Numbers that Enforce My Healing Journey

Two has always been my only favourite, 
A number that has room for pairs to plant roots. 
Four sits closely; beside Two, 
My birth month, 
Written always behind my birth day; Two. 

Seven appears in year two thousands seventeen, 
Under its guidance, healing took shape in all things. 
Eight is the next I picked, 
Right next to Seven, it became quite a secure seat. 

Twelve is when I heard callings to be on my own, 
Trusting my own guts and instincts, 
A new chapter unfold. 

Nature wrote a song that sings about home, 
Ten, Eleven and Nine randomly appeared as I made my way back home. 

Their presence often speaks of console, 
Casting as supporting roles, 
Time shows me I have to start my own show(s).