JD33: Unplanned Attempt(s)

The first try was obvious, 
No way it would be victorious. 
The six stood there strongly, 
Welcoming any who are ready to meet their end vociferously. 

I was well aware my six were far too weak, 
If only the system hadn’t erased my history. 
I was sadden upon seeing my favourites turned into weeds, 
Why can’t the system leave my record out of their deeds? 

Hesitation wanted to feed me, 
Suggesting that it was best to just forget it. 
More voices came whispering, 
They were planning to block my bravery. 

It shall be merely parts of a process, 
There’s nothing to guard on those so-called shelves. 
Why not use this opportunity to undress fear and wear smiles, 
After all, it is always after the attempt(s) that shall prove all will be worthwhile. 

Reviving after each failed attack, 
They were back on stage to fight as magnets. 
My brain went empty with buzzing tunes, 
Surprise greeted me on the screen; yes I saw something new, 
Someone was with me, fighting with a strong tune. 

Three attempts broke the strong defence from those six, 
My Yellow is rising to stand high next. 
Oh well now, 
It is time for my photos to have their say.