JD43: My Dream(s)

Waking up to a cozy morning 
It sure set my mood going 
I had my bath before coffee 
I wanted to enjoy the chill wind 

Those voices are still ringing 
However, I find them to be
Less disturbing 
To practice discerning through them 
I began to sense  
Those buried feelings still exist

I am still trying hard to believe 
To keep my heart beating 
I just hope I am not failing
Dear Hope, please do not leave 
You know I simply want to 
Keep believing 

PS: This is a reverse poem so remember to read it backwards too.

JD26: The Choice Made; That Dream

Eyes fixed on the same favourite spot of green. 
Still in terror from last night; outburst in the episode of watermelon’s scene. 
Sitting here, I could still hear those words ringing repeatedly. 
I know I have to escape from such disturbing things. 

Lights were switched on suddenly, 
Your presence, yes, was in my dream. 
The contents began unfolding, 
Each details started playing so vividly. 

Your smiles and nods greeted me. 
I knew you are no longer in flesh like all human beings. 
Pondering those countless whys in that dream, 
No one else but second aunt shared the same vision as me. 

You said you wanted to have my body so that you can speak, 
Dad agreed that I should lend and give. 
Dumfounded by everyone’s hasty speech, 
No one was answering direct during my questioning. 

I made my choice finally, 
My concerns were waiting for addressing. 
Pardon me but I have expressed with a firm believing, 
In Jesus’s name, I made my choice clearly, 
and before I knew it, 
I was awaken to the sound of birds’ chirping. 

DJ17: Doors

In all colours,
You may choose, 
Out of all shapes, 
Rectangular is mostly used. 

Different dimensions, 
I aimed to bring, 
A knock or two, 
and you will know if there's anyone holding keys. 

Whatever that's behind can only be made known to instinct, 
Whoever is in front of it is the answers to prayers and hymns, 
Opportunities is what many named it, 
Hope is in fact it is meant to bring. 

Time is the natural key that unlocks it, 
It has a sensory mode to set everyone free, 
Rainbows, lights or darkness, 
It is just an access point to be, 
Remember what's behind it has already spoken to your instinct, 
So trust your own radar ring of hints.©Destiny92712 

They said, ‘There’ll be a door open if you close another door. ‘ This saying rings in my head as I do the bible verse for today thus inspired to my write on this piece.