JD55: If. Don’t Be Surprised.

The Sun always shines,
The rain still cries.
If you want to feel the sun,
Be surprised not, but you need to get yourself drenched in the rain.

The wind always sings,
The rain still pours.
If you want to dance in the rain,
Be surprised not, but you need to connect yourself to the songs/music from your heart.

The heart is always feeling likewise,
The mind is still thinking otherwise.
Don’t be surprised because if you want to taste those different tastes in life,
You need to use the time for cooking related stuff repeatedly.

The thunder always whines,
The lightings still appear without a ‘Hi’.
If you want to hold someone dear,
Be surprised not, but you need to give enough distance for someone to realise.

Day and night are both for the mind,
Stars are always up there in the sky.
If you want to see what is indeed from the heart,
Be surprised not, but you need to have the ability to see the stars under daylight in the sky.

The day-to-day life always form habits in our life,
Time always reminds us of what we have yet to give it a try.
If you want to find all that is missing in your life,
Be surprised not, but you need to search for the real contrast of ways in life.

Good and evil are always meant to co-exist in life,
Failures and successes are always intended to slow time in the learning experience.
Don’t be surprised if everything seems harder than usual at times because nothing is ever easy especially after multiple tries.

JD53: All It Takes

Sometimes, all it takes is for one to pull through,
To allow time to make it work,
To allow elements in causes to strike a balance.

At times, all it takes is for one to believe,
To allow the free will in all cells to come together,
Under unseen circumstances,
For a chemical reaction to take place.

Most of the times, all it takes, is for one to ignore the pre-set rules.
Just as how the pairing of devices worked.
During times, we have to reset for new pairing,
Or even to pair back to test which devices work best.

Half of the times, all it takes, is for one to share weakness,
To gain insight during each sharing session,
To make sure that no one is alone even if on the journey itself, one has to walk alone.
Real communication is all about sharing both the strength and the weak,
All it takes is a listening ear and a willing heart.

More often in times, all it takes is for one to take the lead,
Not to lead in rigid ways, but to find beauty or more beauty in the ways undertake.
All it takes is merely returning to shapes,
In whatever forms, each was in the beginning,
That’s all it takes.

JD51: Don’t Let Go

Follow your heart,
Back to where you started.
Follow your dream,
Back to what you believe.

Don’t let go, 
Don’t let go. 

Do a little dance with each step,
Just as the hands move on the faces of all clocks.
Make a turn slowly,
Even if you have to wait.

Don’t let go, 
Don’t let go. 
Watch and be inspired; all ready when it is your turn,
Just as how the minute or hour hand waited for their turn. 

Follow your heart,
It will lead you to what you saw at where you started.
Follow your dream,
It will take you to the kingdom in which you first believed.

Don’t let go,
Don’t let go.
Follow your heart and dream,
Don’t let go.

JD50: I Miss You

Images in black and white,
Transforming into colourless by time.
An expired paid ticket burn the queue,
We were blessed to refuse.

Images turn from white to black,
Locking themselves behind the hour hand.
Witnessed by many before once upon a time even begins,
In red or blue, that’s the only taste.

Images run from black to white,
Models run from white to black.
Images can only be seen by the eyes of the beholder,
Melting the mind to gently whisper,
‘I Miss You.’

JD49: Who will, will You?

Who will still believe when situations told them otherwise?
Who will still hang on when someone was told that every attempt they made were unwise?
Who will still try when there is nothing but sets of repeated advice?
Who will still listen when words turn the listener into three blind mice?

Who will still have hope(s) after episodes of cries?
Who will still have love after dark lies?
Who will still have faith after countless of fruitless tries?
Who will still have courage after paying an unseen price?

Who will?
Who will?

Will you prove what you believe when situations told you otherwise?
Will you still hang on after you were told that the choices you made were unwise?
WIll you still carry on and try when you have nothing else but sets of repeated advice?
Will you still listen after learning you were meant to be put under cutting knives?

Will you see hopes after your eyes hurt from episodes of cries?
Will you still have the ability to love and be loved after detecting all lies?
Will you still have faith after countless of fruitless tries?
Will you still have courage after paying the unseen price?

Who will?
Will you?

PS: This is another piece of reverse poetry so do remember to read it from the back too.

JD48: Morning Songs; Chirping

First note hits,
Before and after dawn breaks.
Some notes went unnoticed,
But it never stops them from making new melodies.

Each of them knew precisely the second they needed to be on scenes,
Taking turns to make their stories known.

Sing along with them or perhaps do a little dance,
We have to keep going in the rain or under the Sun.
Let our words become an inspiration as those beautiful morning songs,
Begin each day with a song that makes your smile to shine the entire day!

JD47: The Journeys In Our Destiny

Uneven pieces shaped all ways, 
Some parts were meant to be parted during fray. 
Step by steps, each heart seeks and prays, 
Unfazed in a two-way traffic on a one-way tack from day to day. 

Pixels signalling as signs, 
Accidents happen even if one decided not to try. 
Moments repeated themselves to various kinds, 
Brewing memories into wines. 

Check our backpack before each drive, 
Blueprints are only correct during printing time. 
Trust not only those that appeared to be fine but those who are connected to that line, 
A line spelt by lights that formatted through Faith, along with time.