JD44: Up Close (The Moon)

One and Only for Earth,
High or low tides 
It called to birth. 
A clock for those who 
Hunt at night, 
A spell for many to 
Rest after endless fights. 

It is up close tonight, 
Closer than any other nights.
Dressed in clear white,
I wondered to which ball
She is attending tonight. 

Peace drawn to this sight,
As we made our way 
For our dinner tonight.

Photo taken without bringing the moon closer.

JD43: My Dream(s)

Waking up to a cozy morning 
It sure set my mood going 
I had my bath before coffee 
I wanted to enjoy the chill wind 

Those voices are still ringing 
However, I find them to be
Less disturbing 
To practice discerning through them 
I began to sense  
Those buried feelings still exist

I am still trying hard to believe 
To keep my heart beating 
I just hope I am not failing
Dear Hope, please do not leave 
You know I simply want to 
Keep believing 

PS: This is a reverse poem so remember to read it backwards too.

JD42: Rainbow

Colours shaped, 
After a few hours of rain. 
Sun set in half an hour later today, 
Perhaps it was due to the heavy rain. 

Colurs are taking their own place, 
Catching my eyes as I open up the windows
After a heavy rain,
Smile found my face. 

‘Can I make a wish?’ 
Yes, that was what my 
whispering said. 

Goodbye for now,
I shall see you again. 
I promise I will fulfil those that my heart say. 
Thank you, Rainbow!
You are the first rainbow in 2019 that has my gaze. 

Saw it?
This is my first shot.
The nice curve
I have written my messages on the colours.
Yes, this is the first rainbow I see in 2019.

JD38: Palm Trees

Bordered the streets, 
Making sights. 
Standing tall to reach, 
Against a background of white clouds and blue sky. 

Not all of them have coconuts but all coconuts come from it. 
Sweet juice from the youngs, 
Snow-white skin inside it. 

Our Faith are as Palm Trees, 
Requires to grow, 
Meant to flourish. 

If only we allow ourselves to give the pure spiritual juice, 
Tenderly encouraging others just as we needed it for ourselves, 
We shall then transform ourselves into parts of eternal Love. 

JD33: Unplanned Attempt(s)

The first try was obvious, 
No way it would be victorious. 
The six stood there strongly, 
Welcoming any who are ready to meet their end vociferously. 

I was well aware my six were far too weak, 
If only the system hadn’t erased my history. 
I was sadden upon seeing my favourites turned into weeds, 
Why can’t the system leave my record out of their deeds? 

Hesitation wanted to feed me, 
Suggesting that it was best to just forget it. 
More voices came whispering, 
They were planning to block my bravery. 

It shall be merely parts of a process, 
There’s nothing to guard on those so-called shelves. 
Why not use this opportunity to undress fear and wear smiles, 
After all, it is always after the attempt(s) that shall prove all will be worthwhile. 

Reviving after each failed attack, 
They were back on stage to fight as magnets. 
My brain went empty with buzzing tunes, 
Surprise greeted me on the screen; yes I saw something new, 
Someone was with me, fighting with a strong tune. 

Three attempts broke the strong defence from those six, 
My Yellow is rising to stand high next. 
Oh well now, 
It is time for my photos to have their say. 

JD32: Sound I Mixed to the Night

Sitting up with half-open eyes, 
Is it tenth or twenty times? 
Grabbing for tissues to blow my nose, 
Impossible to be sound asleep when sneezing with a running nose. 

Due to the previous night, 
The programming and updating kept me awake until the first light. 
Exhuasted accompanied a hungry stomach after a long day and night, 
Grogginess breed after completing and rechecking that all information required was indeed right. 

I am sneezing now as I type, 
My running nose is on a lost island without tour guide. 
Precious dry tissues are losing their clean pride, 
So now you know, 
The kind of sound I am mixing into the night. 

JD31: The Numbers that Enforce My Healing Journey

Two has always been my only favourite, 
A number that has room for pairs to plant roots. 
Four sits closely; beside Two, 
My birth month, 
Written always behind my birth day; Two. 

Seven appears in year two thousands seventeen, 
Under its guidance, healing took shape in all things. 
Eight is the next I picked, 
Right next to Seven, it became quite a secure seat. 

Twelve is when I heard callings to be on my own, 
Trusting my own guts and instincts, 
A new chapter unfold. 

Nature wrote a song that sings about home, 
Ten, Eleven and Nine randomly appeared as I made my way back home. 

Their presence often speaks of console, 
Casting as supporting roles, 
Time shows me I have to start my own show(s).