JD44: Up Close (The Moon)

One and Only for Earth,
High or low tides 
It called to birth. 
A clock for those who 
Hunt at night, 
A spell for many to 
Rest after endless fights. 

It is up close tonight, 
Closer than any other nights.
Dressed in clear white,
I wondered to which ball
She is attending tonight. 

Peace drawn to this sight,
As we made our way 
For our dinner tonight.

Photo taken without bringing the moon closer.

JD41: Courage

The truth from our soul, 
Making calls from long ago. 
I heard mine more clearly a year ago, 
I know I need to believe what was told. 

An undying burning fuel, 
Kept mine safe. 
Locking itself away from vengences, 
To find hope when lights were away. 

Stones, rocks or pebbles, 
Of which is yours made? 
Hay, and even sticks, 
Pick any to re-create. 

I have not seen mine for awhile, 
I thought I have lost it for good. 
Yet, someone told me recently, 
I still have it and, 
It is my choice to start using it. 

JD40: A Bouquet of Roses

A pleasant surprise on Valentine’s Day. 

Beyond words of warmth felt from him, 
Out of the ordinary, he made my smile returned. 
Unusual way he used, to get me those roses, 
Questions in my head left me dumbfounded in that moment.
Usage in words went a little wrong at first, 
Eyes met 
Through those number of roses. 

On a shaky track my heart beats, 
For the fact that I am actually scare. 

Rarely such butterflies feeling he gave me, 
One and only Valentine from the past 
Still sits vividly in my memories,
Entrusting love to rekindle, 
Surely true love still exist for me, isn’t it? 

Five Green,
Five White,
Four Purple,
Three Pink.

I went to check the meaning on each number and the total number of roses, as well as the colours. I went WOW!

JD31: The Numbers that Enforce My Healing Journey

Two has always been my only favourite, 
A number that has room for pairs to plant roots. 
Four sits closely; beside Two, 
My birth month, 
Written always behind my birth day; Two. 

Seven appears in year two thousands seventeen, 
Under its guidance, healing took shape in all things. 
Eight is the next I picked, 
Right next to Seven, it became quite a secure seat. 

Twelve is when I heard callings to be on my own, 
Trusting my own guts and instincts, 
A new chapter unfold. 

Nature wrote a song that sings about home, 
Ten, Eleven and Nine randomly appeared as I made my way back home. 

Their presence often speaks of console, 
Casting as supporting roles, 
Time shows me I have to start my own show(s). 

JD30: Children of God

Colours and cultures, 
Genders and age. 
Fictional and scriptures, 
Categorised in shapes and sizes. 

Interlinked for a few, 
Calls upon acceptance to be shaped. 
Bring on positive changes, 
Delivering messages from hidden areas to break. 

All of us are lights and strength, 
Sources to create Hopes against pranks. 
Our differences are bridges to universal Love, 
Making all sharp points into curves.