JD48: Morning Songs; Chirping

First note hits,
Before and after dawn breaks.
Some notes went unnoticed,
But it never stops them from making new melodies.

Each of them knew precisely the second they needed to be on scenes,
Taking turns to make their stories known.

Sing along with them or perhaps do a little dance,
We have to keep going in the rain or under the Sun.
Let our words become an inspiration as those beautiful morning songs,
Begin each day with a song that makes your smile to shine the entire day!

JD44: Up Close (The Moon)

One and Only for Earth,
High or low tides 
It called to birth. 
A clock for those who 
Hunt at night, 
A spell for many to 
Rest after endless fights. 

It is up close tonight, 
Closer than any other nights.
Dressed in clear white,
I wondered to which ball
She is attending tonight. 

Peace drawn to this sight,
As we made our way 
For our dinner tonight.

Photo taken without bringing the moon closer.

JD42: Rainbow

Colours shaped, 
After a few hours of rain. 
Sun set in half an hour later today, 
Perhaps it was due to the heavy rain. 

Colurs are taking their own place, 
Catching my eyes as I open up the windows
After a heavy rain,
Smile found my face. 

‘Can I make a wish?’ 
Yes, that was what my 
whispering said. 

Goodbye for now,
I shall see you again. 
I promise I will fulfil those that my heart say. 
Thank you, Rainbow!
You are the first rainbow in 2019 that has my gaze. 

Saw it?
This is my first shot.
The nice curve
I have written my messages on the colours.
Yes, this is the first rainbow I see in 2019.

JD40: A Bouquet of Roses

A pleasant surprise on Valentine’s Day. 

Beyond words of warmth felt from him, 
Out of the ordinary, he made my smile returned. 
Unusual way he used, to get me those roses, 
Questions in my head left me dumbfounded in that moment.
Usage in words went a little wrong at first, 
Eyes met 
Through those number of roses. 

On a shaky track my heart beats, 
For the fact that I am actually scare. 

Rarely such butterflies feeling he gave me, 
One and only Valentine from the past 
Still sits vividly in my memories,
Entrusting love to rekindle, 
Surely true love still exist for me, isn’t it? 

Five Green,
Five White,
Four Purple,
Three Pink.

I went to check the meaning on each number and the total number of roses, as well as the colours. I went WOW!

JD38: Palm Trees

Bordered the streets, 
Making sights. 
Standing tall to reach, 
Against a background of white clouds and blue sky. 

Not all of them have coconuts but all coconuts come from it. 
Sweet juice from the youngs, 
Snow-white skin inside it. 

Our Faith are as Palm Trees, 
Requires to grow, 
Meant to flourish. 

If only we allow ourselves to give the pure spiritual juice, 
Tenderly encouraging others just as we needed it for ourselves, 
We shall then transform ourselves into parts of eternal Love. 

JD27: Gentleness from the Wind

I love the wind, 
A radio channel from nature it is. 
Hear the messages each time it brings, 
Yes, I love the wind. 

Picking up my hair for a dance, 
Surrounding me with different temperature’s punch. 
Cooling whatever is in my thought, 
Warming all that resides in my heart. 

I love the wind, 
Firmly and surely there are always whisperings. 
Whispers that blow blessings to heart, mind and soul, 

Make sure you can be still when sudden whisperings hit, 
Have a suitable jacket or sweater all time within your reach.