JD43: My Dream(s)

Waking up to a cozy morning 
It sure set my mood going 
I had my bath before coffee 
I wanted to enjoy the chill wind 

Those voices are still ringing 
However, I find them to be
Less disturbing 
To practice discerning through them 
I began to sense  
Those buried feelings still exist

I am still trying hard to believe 
To keep my heart beating 
I just hope I am not failing
Dear Hope, please do not leave 
You know I simply want to 
Keep believing 

PS: This is a reverse poem so remember to read it backwards too.

JD40: A Bouquet of Roses

A pleasant surprise on Valentine’s Day. 

Beyond words of warmth felt from him, 
Out of the ordinary, he made my smile returned. 
Unusual way he used, to get me those roses, 
Questions in my head left me dumbfounded in that moment.
Usage in words went a little wrong at first, 
Eyes met 
Through those number of roses. 

On a shaky track my heart beats, 
For the fact that I am actually scare. 

Rarely such butterflies feeling he gave me, 
One and only Valentine from the past 
Still sits vividly in my memories,
Entrusting love to rekindle, 
Surely true love still exist for me, isn’t it? 

Five Green,
Five White,
Four Purple,
Three Pink.

I went to check the meaning on each number and the total number of roses, as well as the colours. I went WOW!

JD38: Palm Trees

Bordered the streets, 
Making sights. 
Standing tall to reach, 
Against a background of white clouds and blue sky. 

Not all of them have coconuts but all coconuts come from it. 
Sweet juice from the youngs, 
Snow-white skin inside it. 

Our Faith are as Palm Trees, 
Requires to grow, 
Meant to flourish. 

If only we allow ourselves to give the pure spiritual juice, 
Tenderly encouraging others just as we needed it for ourselves, 
We shall then transform ourselves into parts of eternal Love. 

JD35: Acrostic Poems

Arts speak without complexity, 
Cooking words is one among many ways to have placidity. 
Reviving all that was lost in brokeness, 
Offers made through selection of words for a new beginning. 
Stay still with pen and paper, 
Tuning both experiences and encounters
Into different forms of poetry to unleashed 
Colours of hidden potential from deep within. 

Poems/Poetry is more than just sharing feelings, 
Often the impact is inspiration for life to breathe. 
Emerged from all deeds that results always give, 
Moments to be treasured will always appear to those who seek, 
Soulfulness in words is what the pen from a poet shall achieve.