JD49: Who will, will You?

Who will still believe when situations told them otherwise?
Who will still hang on when someone was told that every attempt they made were unwise?
Who will still try when there is nothing but sets of repeated advice?
Who will still listen when words turn the listener into three blind mice?

Who will still have hope(s) after episodes of cries?
Who will still have love after dark lies?
Who will still have faith after countless of fruitless tries?
Who will still have courage after paying an unseen price?

Who will?
Who will?

Will you prove what you believe when situations told you otherwise?
Will you still hang on after you were told that the choices you made were unwise?
WIll you still carry on and try when you have nothing else but sets of repeated advice?
Will you still listen after learning you were meant to be put under cutting knives?

Will you see hopes after your eyes hurt from episodes of cries?
Will you still have the ability to love and be loved after detecting all lies?
Will you still have faith after countless of fruitless tries?
Will you still have courage after paying the unseen price?

Who will?
Will you?

PS: This is another piece of reverse poetry so do remember to read it from the back too.

JD43: My Dream(s)

Waking up to a cozy morning 
It sure set my mood going 
I had my bath before coffee 
I wanted to enjoy the chill wind 

Those voices are still ringing 
However, I find them to be
Less disturbing 
To practice discerning through them 
I began to sense  
Those buried feelings still exist

I am still trying hard to believe 
To keep my heart beating 
I just hope I am not failing
Dear Hope, please do not leave 
You know I simply want to 
Keep believing 

PS: This is a reverse poem so remember to read it backwards too.