JD44: Up Close (The Moon)

One and Only for Earth,
High or low tides 
It called to birth. 
A clock for those who 
Hunt at night, 
A spell for many to 
Rest after endless fights. 

It is up close tonight, 
Closer than any other nights.
Dressed in clear white,
I wondered to which ball
She is attending tonight. 

Peace drawn to this sight,
As we made our way 
For our dinner tonight.

Photo taken without bringing the moon closer.

JD42: Rainbow

Colours shaped, 
After a few hours of rain. 
Sun set in half an hour later today, 
Perhaps it was due to the heavy rain. 

Colurs are taking their own place, 
Catching my eyes as I open up the windows
After a heavy rain,
Smile found my face. 

‘Can I make a wish?’ 
Yes, that was what my 
whispering said. 

Goodbye for now,
I shall see you again. 
I promise I will fulfil those that my heart say. 
Thank you, Rainbow!
You are the first rainbow in 2019 that has my gaze. 

Saw it?
This is my first shot.
The nice curve
I have written my messages on the colours.
Yes, this is the first rainbow I see in 2019.

DJ04: Crescent Sights

Areas in clear blue, 
My eyes took up every single seats. 
Arriving to calmness, 
My mind mediates on each changes that sits. 

Different languages we learnt, 
Thus taught to speak. 
We forgot though
spaces in between produces bricks. 

Bravery is a tool we all need, 
Back to nests of love, a home for courage to breed. 
I need my magical wings to fly so as to seek, 
Using universal language to perform healings, 
Levelling with tears burning down sticks. ©Destiny92712 

We perceive thus acquire. What matter most is to where we put our mind. ©️Destiny92712

DJ03: Discerning

In darkness or lights, 
I have to admit I have my fair shares of fears. 
Making laughters or with noisemakers, 
I do my best to provides cheers. 

Silencer to words, 
I attempted to make speech, 
All I wanted to do is to share Hopes of spirit.

Afflictions and fears, 
Their presences were never to jeers. 
They are lessons to install as my gears, 
Staying safe even if I fail. ©Destiny92712