JD54: Shadows

In those dark lanes,
You walked them through with me.
Words of concern,
No given chance to speak.

In those dark hours,
You held on and never let me go,
Simple sentences,
No given courage to say.

Voiceless to cry out what is left in my heart,
Sightless to any lanes on streets.
Songs on the playlist for the missing heart,
Music paying tributes to the dead.

No words in my heart to express my heart.
No words in my mind to express my thought.
Shadows of played scenes are all that’s left,
Is it enough to see me through the darkness until the end?

JD52: Worth Fighting For

Tell me not, it isn’t worth fighting for.
Take me as I am because I am someone worth fighting for.
Tell me not, it isn’t worth fighting for.
Take me as I am because I am someone worth fighting for.

Tell me please, it is worth fighting for.
Take me as I am because everything I did was for you.
Tell me please, it is worth fighting for.
Take me as I am because all of me is for you.

There is Love thus it is worth fighting for,
Undying beliefs shall withstand through all falls.
There is Hope thus it is worth fighting for,
Silence speaks the possibilities even in the darkness where all is unseen.

Tell me now, Love is indeed worth fighting for.
Take me as I am for Hopes have all the possibilities.
Tell me now, Hope is the strength that we shall keep fighting for,
In all beliefs, there is more than just one thing worth fighting for.

JD49: Who will, will You?

Who will still believe when situations told them otherwise?
Who will still hang on when someone was told that every attempt they made were unwise?
Who will still try when there is nothing but sets of repeated advice?
Who will still listen when words turn the listener into three blind mice?

Who will still have hope(s) after episodes of cries?
Who will still have love after dark lies?
Who will still have faith after countless of fruitless tries?
Who will still have courage after paying an unseen price?

Who will?
Who will?

Will you prove what you believe when situations told you otherwise?
Will you still hang on after you were told that the choices you made were unwise?
WIll you still carry on and try when you have nothing else but sets of repeated advice?
Will you still listen after learning you were meant to be put under cutting knives?

Will you see hopes after your eyes hurt from episodes of cries?
Will you still have the ability to love and be loved after detecting all lies?
Will you still have faith after countless of fruitless tries?
Will you still have courage after paying the unseen price?

Who will?
Will you?

PS: This is another piece of reverse poetry so do remember to read it from the back too.

JD41: Courage

The truth from our soul, 
Making calls from long ago. 
I heard mine more clearly a year ago, 
I know I need to believe what was told. 

An undying burning fuel, 
Kept mine safe. 
Locking itself away from vengences, 
To find hope when lights were away. 

Stones, rocks or pebbles, 
Of which is yours made? 
Hay, and even sticks, 
Pick any to re-create. 

I have not seen mine for awhile, 
I thought I have lost it for good. 
Yet, someone told me recently, 
I still have it and, 
It is my choice to start using it. 

JD29: Hiding; Game

One last look at most photos, 
Time to remove even if there are stories left untold. 
Explanation in many were in grey zone. 
Hiding seemed forever; ringing on phones. 

God knows the number of participants, 
All reasons were simply instruments, 
To make smoothing music to ears, 
In a masquerade party playing scenes from Shakespeare’s. 

Harmless is always the reason for beginning, 
Making beliefs that no one else will be in pain. 
Justifying all details; using the name of love vain, 
Denying that there is always a price to pay, down in every lane. 

Setting myself free to embrace love again, 
I would rather be in script than in such game. 

Picking my own roles and cards to rein, 
I would rather be in front of cameras and under the spotlights than, 
Standing under thundery rain. 

JD28: Pizza Hut Restaurant

Signatures or the usual favourites, 
All minds are ready to make their pinks. 
Alone or in pair and even more, 
Most people will take their usual seats.

Devices replaced interaction, 
Pros and cons weighted for the best intention. 
Convenience appears to be the best of interest, 
However, there is still room for improvement. 

It is an era where artificial intelligence is replacing humans, 
A time to test how many will still do tasks with motivation. 

It is a period to conclude so as to make changes for better achievements, 
A phrase to learn or deepen what we have for further improvements. 

I placed my usual order just as before, 
I then started to observe what’s on the walls. 
Perhaps no one really notice what’s on them before, 
But I did, and I know, 
Less is the new ‘More’. 

JD25: Set it All Free

Walk away slowly, 
Away from anything that destroys peace. 
Turn away steadily, 
Away from doubting our instinct. 

Run away carfully, 
Mastering self-protection and discipline. 
Hide away safely, 
Be not trapped by lies that cut away our faithful love into tiny piece.

Listen carefully for healing, 
Listen not to anything that can be deceiving. 
Return not to those lakes with signs that say ‘No Fishing’, 
Allow nothing to destroy whatever you are protecting. 

Give no chance when choices are calling, 
There is always an unseen clock that does all the tracking. 
This clock can turn affliction into history, 

As long as we allow ourselves to let go, 
Making spaces for mission bells to reside in, 
Return not to where betrayal is fond of staying.