JD51: Don’t Let Go

Follow your heart,
Back to where you started.
Follow your dream,
Back to what you believe.

Don’t let go, 
Don’t let go. 

Do a little dance with each step,
Just as the hands move on the faces of all clocks.
Make a turn slowly,
Even if you have to wait.

Don’t let go, 
Don’t let go. 
Watch and be inspired; all ready when it is your turn,
Just as how the minute or hour hand waited for their turn. 

Follow your heart,
It will lead you to what you saw at where you started.
Follow your dream,
It will take you to the kingdom in which you first believed.

Don’t let go,
Don’t let go.
Follow your heart and dream,
Don’t let go.

JD46: Love

With different measurements,
In various interpretations.
Some search while others seek,
No one quite knew precisely the method to it.

Never a noun but a verb,
Never a moment but eternal.
One thing for sure is that it can be recognised,
Regardless of how one denies or hides.

I no longer search or seek,
I choose to create or make.
Neither failures nor successes associate with it,
It is always what’s left within that defines.

Many said that time changes them thus causing them to fall out of love,
Most claimed that it is an open feeling.
Yet the truth was,
If time can cause one to change,
If anything or everything will have them change,
It was never truly Love in the beginning.
It was merely a feeling that is near to Love itself.

It is unmovable,
It is obvious,
It never changes but grows.
Growing brings changes, but it will never change the original shape of Love itself,
It is perhaps best defined as how to flow in verb form,
We are as water, and how we flow in life is exactly how we Love.

Love is never a What but a How,
Search not for Love,
Remember, you can seek,
Yet the best is that you create or make it.

DJ18: To Find Me; Myself

Created for an identity, 
Faith is my spiritual clothing. 
Trials in each day are as DNA testing, 
To strengthen my sense of belonging. 

Family is not just about having same blood flowing, 
It deprived from learning the same language. 
Individual station has their own timing, 
Various frequency are required to be learnt so as to tune in. 

In pairs, flocks or packs, is meant to practice unity, 
Boiling back to our created identity. 
There is just one and only, 
At times, it is okay to feel empty. 

Writing; to be an author is my dream, 
It keeps my blood flowing; sending my heart to sing merrily.
God's patience taught me to look at others with understanding, 
It was myself; I never gave myself that understanding. 

You, who stumble upon my this piece of writing, 
May you fall not into he same trial as me. 
to grant and look at yourself with that lovely understanding.©Destiny92712