JD52: Worth Fighting For

Tell me not, it isn’t worth fighting for.
Take me as I am because I am someone worth fighting for.
Tell me not, it isn’t worth fighting for.
Take me as I am because I am someone worth fighting for.

Tell me please, it is worth fighting for.
Take me as I am because everything I did was for you.
Tell me please, it is worth fighting for.
Take me as I am because all of me is for you.

There is Love thus it is worth fighting for,
Undying beliefs shall withstand through all falls.
There is Hope thus it is worth fighting for,
Silence speaks the possibilities even in the darkness where all is unseen.

Tell me now, Love is indeed worth fighting for.
Take me as I am for Hopes have all the possibilities.
Tell me now, Hope is the strength that we shall keep fighting for,
In all beliefs, there is more than just one thing worth fighting for.

JD46: Love

With different measurements,
In various interpretations.
Some search while others seek,
No one quite knew precisely the method to it.

Never a noun but a verb,
Never a moment but eternal.
One thing for sure is that it can be recognised,
Regardless of how one denies or hides.

I no longer search or seek,
I choose to create or make.
Neither failures nor successes associate with it,
It is always what’s left within that defines.

Many said that time changes them thus causing them to fall out of love,
Most claimed that it is an open feeling.
Yet the truth was,
If time can cause one to change,
If anything or everything will have them change,
It was never truly Love in the beginning.
It was merely a feeling that is near to Love itself.

It is unmovable,
It is obvious,
It never changes but grows.
Growing brings changes, but it will never change the original shape of Love itself,
It is perhaps best defined as how to flow in verb form,
We are as water, and how we flow in life is exactly how we Love.

Love is never a What but a How,
Search not for Love,
Remember, you can seek,
Yet the best is that you create or make it.

JD27: Gentleness from the Wind

I love the wind, 
A radio channel from nature it is. 
Hear the messages each time it brings, 
Yes, I love the wind. 

Picking up my hair for a dance, 
Surrounding me with different temperature’s punch. 
Cooling whatever is in my thought, 
Warming all that resides in my heart. 

I love the wind, 
Firmly and surely there are always whisperings. 
Whispers that blow blessings to heart, mind and soul, 

Make sure you can be still when sudden whisperings hit, 
Have a suitable jacket or sweater all time within your reach. 

JD25: Set it All Free

Walk away slowly, 
Away from anything that destroys peace. 
Turn away steadily, 
Away from doubting our instinct. 

Run away carfully, 
Mastering self-protection and discipline. 
Hide away safely, 
Be not trapped by lies that cut away our faithful love into tiny piece.

Listen carefully for healing, 
Listen not to anything that can be deceiving. 
Return not to those lakes with signs that say ‘No Fishing’, 
Allow nothing to destroy whatever you are protecting. 

Give no chance when choices are calling, 
There is always an unseen clock that does all the tracking. 
This clock can turn affliction into history, 

As long as we allow ourselves to let go, 
Making spaces for mission bells to reside in, 
Return not to where betrayal is fond of staying. 

DJ16: My New Set of Medications

Another series of pair lasting seven days, 
The diagnosis left me with dropped jaws and big eyes in daze. 
My hands was held in warmth by physician on that day, 
She told me it is time I need to know what's at bay. 

Awkwardly I tried to shy away, 
Keeping my composure I smiled and nodded my head. 
I admit I have to carry on just as I promised and reminded myself every single day, 
What I was not anticipating was someone I barely know told me gently to my face. 

I knew my condition two years ago, 
Many probably guessed I was fighting alone.
No one knew though how or why I chose the solitude path to roam,
To come clean, I was actually trying to freeze time in my space alone; 
Afraid to lose memories thus I need to have formal goodbyes with them on my own. 

I took my own bitter time; making everyone believing that it was my own sweet time. 
I used all energy and strength to kill all damaged primes, 
Taking all tires, 
Without a given map, 
I am now starting to draw one that I shall name it just my (mine).©Destiny92712 

Written this piece to admit what’s inside me and where I’ve been as I’m on this new medication for a week to see my body’s reaction.

DJ11: Liquid of Hopes

Fingers on the switch button, 
I fought hard for lights to resume. 
My body turned too heavy with mist eyes, 
It seems that my blood was consumed. 

Half the time feelings and actions collide, 
Giving birth to paths for dreams that's beyond my sight. 
I tried various ways to follow what many had said to walk through from the outside, 
I didn't know it doesn't work for me from the inside. 

In peacefulness I close my eyes, 
Allowing tears to shed all afflictions felt with all my might. 
Slightest movement of tears in brilliance witnessing all ugly bribes, 
My pride saved me in those fights. 

The only persona I have yet to forgive is myself.
From the moment I realised I allowed myself to be victimised. 
Unknown to those series of betrayal are phenomenal fire
for my rebirth in spectral delights, 
Tears from heaven filling in my veins, 
Yes, the sacrificed blood is the destined journeys of 
progression to and in life.©Destiny92712 

Water is needed in our daily life, and Tears is the water in life of Healing. ©️Destiny92712