JD35: Acrostic Poems

Arts speak without complexity, 
Cooking words is one among many ways to have placidity. 
Reviving all that was lost in brokeness, 
Offers made through selection of words for a new beginning. 
Stay still with pen and paper, 
Tuning both experiences and encounters
Into different forms of poetry to unleashed 
Colours of hidden potential from deep within. 

Poems/Poetry is more than just sharing feelings, 
Often the impact is inspiration for life to breathe. 
Emerged from all deeds that results always give, 
Moments to be treasured will always appear to those who seek, 
Soulfulness in words is what the pen from a poet shall achieve. 

JD29: Hiding; Game

One last look at most photos, 
Time to remove even if there are stories left untold. 
Explanation in many were in grey zone. 
Hiding seemed forever; ringing on phones. 

God knows the number of participants, 
All reasons were simply instruments, 
To make smoothing music to ears, 
In a masquerade party playing scenes from Shakespeare’s. 

Harmless is always the reason for beginning, 
Making beliefs that no one else will be in pain. 
Justifying all details; using the name of love vain, 
Denying that there is always a price to pay, down in every lane. 

Setting myself free to embrace love again, 
I would rather be in script than in such game. 

Picking my own roles and cards to rein, 
I would rather be in front of cameras and under the spotlights than, 
Standing under thundery rain. 

DJ03: Discerning

In darkness or lights, 
I have to admit I have my fair shares of fears. 
Making laughters or with noisemakers, 
I do my best to provides cheers. 

Silencer to words, 
I attempted to make speech, 
All I wanted to do is to share Hopes of spirit.

Afflictions and fears, 
Their presences were never to jeers. 
They are lessons to install as my gears, 
Staying safe even if I fail. ©Destiny92712