DJ17: Doors

In all colours,
You may choose, 
Out of all shapes, 
Rectangular is mostly used. 

Different dimensions, 
I aimed to bring, 
A knock or two, 
and you will know if there's anyone holding keys. 

Whatever that's behind can only be made known to instinct, 
Whoever is in front of it is the answers to prayers and hymns, 
Opportunities is what many named it, 
Hope is in fact it is meant to bring. 

Time is the natural key that unlocks it, 
It has a sensory mode to set everyone free, 
Rainbows, lights or darkness, 
It is just an access point to be, 
Remember what's behind it has already spoken to your instinct, 
So trust your own radar ring of hints.©Destiny92712 

They said, ‘There’ll be a door open if you close another door. ‘ This saying rings in my head as I do the bible verse for today thus inspired to my write on this piece.

DJ15: Home; Wisdom and Knowledge

Negative desires burn fuel, 
Deny them if you want your heart to truly feel, 
Our heart is the home to free will, 
Keeping spirits of positive safe and resistant to be cloned. 

Wisdom is the bricks and stones, 
Understanding is the key to establish each home. 
Areas in different rooms is deem by knowledge gained, 
Precious and pleasant riches comes in each practice so as 
our holy home goes not in vain. 

The wise is full of strength, 
The learning is enhanced and increased in might and length. 
Love and Hopes then breed hand-in-hand, 
Colours of peacefulness fights away desires in gangs. 

Walk now and live life, 
To collect bricks and throw away knives. 
Knowledge comes in learning and embracing life, 
Wisdom comes in living and loving life, 
It is now time to build home that is meant for the spirit of Life.©Destiny92712 

DJ14: At the Mall

Smiles highlighted by the warm orange, 
Ears greeted by different melodies. 
Vague contents from dreams last night went missing, 
Vivid emotions are left alone as I took my usual seat. 

A cup of hot black coffee sits next to my reach, 
I thank God for all beautifulness that I get to meet. 
Lonesomeness is what they believe I am having, 
Oh well, I no longer hide with a planned speech. 

It was a little tough yesterday, 
I couldn't find what I thought I saw in my tray, 
I know my speed differs to many in daily plays, 
Unworthiness appears and put me to sit at bay. 

I kept trying to keep up the pace, 
Even though no one witnesses what's different in time of space. 
Smiles and laughter started to show me my way, 
Intuition returns to the driver seat, 
I don't have to keep myself on an uncomfortable expressway.©Destiny92712 

DJ13: Meant to be the Switch

Held hands breaking free, 
Unspoken left to send in dreams. 
Each flying balloon has their own destiny, 
Barely a few cross the ocean and fly past seas. 

My hands are trying to reach, 
I may be injured but still each day I will make my steps despite hitch. 
In a maze only a handful I will meet, 
Among us the afflicted, we will take turns to lead. 

No one is useless even if reported as glitch, 
In nature there is always an update to be fixed. 
Recovery I am making with rediscovering my niche, 
Writing scripts and untold stories, as well as inspirational poetry 
about what life itself said and preached, 
Reuniting the mission and purpose in my given life to create 
a beautiful colour switch.©Destiny92712 

Rather the currents, the turning points in life are meant to be the switch. ©️Destiny92712

DJ12: Ups and Downs

Neither in the name of Love I seek, 
Nor in the name of Hope I stick. 
But in dignity of Love I pray and 
In the wonders of Hope I placed my eggs to make hay. 

Staying humble is my principle, 
My ears I lent to many people. 
Inspiration I penned in different colours of paper, 
Helping hands I will provide to those who are facing mental-killers. 

In all things and individual, 
I have learnt the secret to be invisible. 
To be hungry and to be filled, 
To be in need so as to fulfil. 

Colourless droplets from eyes are never a disgrace, 
They are the tastes for all hearts to brace. 
Our presence taking turns to be in higher or lower place, 
May our heart reaches out to those struggling to find their place; 
All the struggles shall be overcome with just a little more given space.©Destiny92712 

With a little space made or given, let us allowed ourselves to be strengthened. ©️Destiny92712

DJ11: Liquid of Hopes

Fingers on the switch button, 
I fought hard for lights to resume. 
My body turned too heavy with mist eyes, 
It seems that my blood was consumed. 

Half the time feelings and actions collide, 
Giving birth to paths for dreams that's beyond my sight. 
I tried various ways to follow what many had said to walk through from the outside, 
I didn't know it doesn't work for me from the inside. 

In peacefulness I close my eyes, 
Allowing tears to shed all afflictions felt with all my might. 
Slightest movement of tears in brilliance witnessing all ugly bribes, 
My pride saved me in those fights. 

The only persona I have yet to forgive is myself.
From the moment I realised I allowed myself to be victimised. 
Unknown to those series of betrayal are phenomenal fire
for my rebirth in spectral delights, 
Tears from heaven filling in my veins, 
Yes, the sacrificed blood is the destined journeys of 
progression to and in life.©Destiny92712 

Water is needed in our daily life, and Tears is the water in life of Healing. ©️Destiny92712

DJ10: Rescue Team

Through hands of nature especially the greens, 
Meals and energy they become just as what shaped a school canteen. 
Along with rainbows; colours to express love, 
They turned themselves into our unsaid speech. 

God prompts people to see our needs, 
To be available for rescue anytime we need. 
Angels without winds we become, 
Turning our heart to be merciful before we speak. 

Stuck at the side of a dark road, 
We were challenged on our own beliefs, 
Fiercest storms don't last yet 
we always forgot to believe. 

Roles in and of nature are transmitting us into vaccines, 
Little steps signalling us often went unseen. 
Blind eyes and deaf ears many often give, 
Do you not know that all of us are parts of the Holy Rescue Team, 
or simply you prefer to be unwilling?©Destiny92712 

We are programmed to receive; a device that saves and to be saved. ©️Destiny92712